Wednesday, December 17, 2008

To the dentist

Since we are finally in one place for a while, we decided it was time to go to the dentist. We looked up some local dentists but it's hard to find reviews or recommendations to select a dentist. Driving around Elida OH we had seen a couple of billboards for Whole Health Dentistry, offering a $35 gas card for new patients. We checked them out online and called the office to make the appointments.

Bernie has a temporary and needs a crown for that root canal she had over six weeks ago in West Virginia. Turns out this dentist has the technology to make crowns right in the office and they're ready the same day. After considering the information and finding out the cost of a crown, we decided we'll need to wait to get it when we can better afford it and decided to do some research about dental insurance or dental plans. Crowns are very expensive, ouch...

Mar needed a cleaning so she had her teeth cleaned today. Thankfully, the dentist said her gums and teeth are in good shape so she doesn't need any dental work at this time, but there were a couple of things on the x-rays to keep an eye on.

The dentist was a young female doctor who was very friendly. We told her and her assistant all about our travels and they had lots of questions for us. While talking we realized the dentist has actually had a philly cheese steak in the same place we did in Philadelphia, and we had some chuckles about that.

When we payed and checked out, we got the $35 gas card and some Christmas cookies too. Then we asked for directions to the local mall, where we went to get some presents for Mar's kids. We found some really good deals on clothes for the kids and will go to the post office tomorrow to mail the package to Florida.


Maine Pirate said...

have you checked to see if any of the universities in OH or nearby have dental schools?
I had a root canal and gold crown last sept.
even with insurance it is major $$$$. most insurance will only pay 50% of the crown.

Anonymous said...

Bernie and Mar, if you go down into Mexico, just across the border, you can get good dental work done a whole lot cheaper than in the US, you pay cash, and it doesn't take long, as a rule. there's a town called Nuevo Progreso, just across the border from McAllen, Texas, where the snowbirds in that area go to have their dental work done. Two years ago a teeth cleaning cost $15 USD. it may be up to $20 by now, lol! you can park your vehicle in a good lot and walk across the border on a concrete bridge/walkway. the parking lot was built just for that purpose. the town has a website; you can Google it as "Progreso Mexico", only one "s" in "Progreso"

cheers, Jean G/Juanita V [RVBuddies]

Anonymous said...

Hey guys! Christophe and I use a dental discount plan, it's about 100$ a year, but it can really reduce the cost of some of the major dental work, the crown would cost about 5oo$ with the plan instead of 900...

the website is