Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Introducing Cornelia

We have a new travel partner. Her name is Cornelia and she is a purple sock monkey.

You may notice from the pictures that Cornelia is a bit challenged, we don't speak of this in her presence of course.

But yes, she is a challenged sock monkey. Cornelia came into our lives these past holidays. Mar's kids made her, since they can't sew and have never sewn before, Cornelia didn't end up perfect but that just makes her more precious to us. She is our very own sock monkey and she brings joy to our travels.

We are proud to have Cornelia as our other travel partner and we hope she enjoys the trip as much as we do. Stay tuned for Cornelia's adventures on the road with Bella. Life doesn't get any better than this.


karen said...

i love cornelia! she is so cute.just brings a smile to my face just looking at her.i do hope she will get to sit on the dash so she doesnt miss all the wonderful scenery, are are mar`s kids? i think they did a wonderful job making her.

kate said...

oh, i never saw a purple sock monkey before! bocephus van monkey will love her!