Thursday, January 08, 2009

Our job here is done

After a couple of days of packing and getting Bella ready, we finally hit the road about midafternoon. We are on the move again!

We left Elida OH and are taking a detour, we are headed to Rockville MD where Bernie’s aunt lives. She has some work for Bernie so we decided to tackle it now before we get back to our travels.

It felt so good to get back to Bella. We realized how much this little house on wheels is really our home, we find it so comfortable, familiar, and cozy.

But Bella is winterized and because we’ll be staying with Aunt Evelyn, we decided not to dewinterize just yet. This means that we have to try to get there as soon as possible. We can’t use the bathroom or kitchen, so we had to find ways to improvise. “Primitive” camping is certainly not our thing.

Today we drove 10 hours and finally stopped for the night in Winchester VA. We don’t like driving more than 2-3 hours a day so today was really hard on both of us. We felt pretty much like zombies by the time we stopped for the night and hope we never have to do this again!

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karen said...

i have missed your travels ladies,good to see you back on the open road! after your aunts where are you headed next?