Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Twin Gables Inn

Douglas MI is such a quaint, lovely little town. Michigan is truly becoming one of our favorite states.

Mar walked to the post office where she got her mail and sent some. Then we both worked on our computers for some time. Mar is teaching a new online class that is very time consuming. Bernie is trying out a new job working with her sister and it is taking lots of time in front of the computer.

When we were done we drove less than five minutes to the Twin Gables Inn on Lake Street in Saugatuck MI. The owner’s daughter had emailed us about some work they might have for Bernie.

This B&B faces the water and is nicely tucked into a wooded lot, it has 15 rooms, three cottages, and a loft. We met Margaret, the owner, and then went to park Bella in an out of the way corner of the parking lot.

After getting set up, we met the daughter, Danielle, and her husband David. They both work full time at the B&B. Bernie talked to Margaret and Danielle about the projects they need done and came away with quite a list. Bernie went back to Bella to prepare the estimate and materials list for them.

The area is quiet and serene, it is a beautiful B&B. There is a spa and a pool, which they invited us to use. David and Danielle have a five-month-old baby girl named Anakin, who became attached to Bernie as soon as she saw her.

We look forward to spending some time in Saugatuck and getting to know the area. So far everything we’ve seen, tells us that we’ll really like this small, unique town.

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