Monday, August 10, 2009

Wooden shoes

After our cup of coffee we decided to drive to Veldheers. We walked through the garden but there were no tulips at this time and we didn't get to see any bison either. But we did get to see the unique process of making Delftware, the famous Dutch pottery. You can watch as these masterpieces are fired, glazed, and painted.

You can also watch them making wooden shoes. We tried on several of the wooden shoes and it’s hard to understand how these would ever be comfortable enough to actually wear.

Then we drove about ten minutes to Tunnel Park. This park has a unique tunnel through a dune leading to the beach. The sand dunes
here are awesome. it was a lot of work to get up and down, we got a workout. Once we sat down, Mar read her book and Bernie tried the water, but it was too cold.

Then we just relaxed and people-watched, while enjoying this beautiful beach. As the sun went down, we left and went to Walmart to get a few groceries. Then we parked at the Staples next door for the night.

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