Friday, June 06, 2008

What a meal!

It was a beautiful warm early summer day in Jekyll Island GA and Bernie decided to go crabbing. This was her first time since she was a kid. After buying her net and bait, she set out to the pier where all the locals go crabbing. The pier was a mile away, walking down a lonely tree covered road. Every once in a while you could see the water, which gave Bernie the drive to push on. Once at the pier she spent hours talking to other crabbers and casting her net into the water below.

In the late afternoon Bernie called Mar to come pick her up and Mar drove Bella to the pier. We went about five miles down the road and picked up some rum for Mar's favorite drink: the mojito. We got back to the campsite and Bernie made a campfire to cook the crabs and heat the left over prime rib and fried green tomatoes from last night. We gotta say, tonight's dinner was the highlight of our stay in Jekyll Island.

A note about the island: The beach is not the prettiest. Though the island is nice and there are things to do, such as a turtle sanctuary and an old house to explore, if you go expecting a dream beach, this is not it. But you can find plenty of fun in the island if you enjoy exploring, bike riding, and fishing. A note about the campground: It is not paved, which created lots of dust as people drove by. Bella was covered when we left. The staff doesn't go out of their way to be friendly. And on a scale of one to five, we would rate the bathrooms a 2.5.

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