Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Lazy Wednesday

We decided not to do anything today. We needed some down time and today was it.

Now, we both have to admit we are fascinated by this concept of renting movies from a “red box” and for only one dollar! (Well, what can you say, we are from Florida and had never seen a “red box” that just hands you movies :-)

But … Bernie is addicted to this “red box”. She absolutely cannot go by a Red Box and not rent a movie!!

So that’s what we did today. Rented two movies and stayed in. First we saw “Definitely, Maybe” and can’t say neither of us liked it. Then we watched “27 Dresses” and liked it a little bit better, it was an entertaining movie … and it was a great way to 'recharge' our batteries today.

When we got hungry, we decided to go to TGIF because we had a gift card. We had the tostada nachos for dinner and they were very, very good. Two thumbs up!

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zenny1313 said...

wow,movie machines,just changing with the times I guess,I remember when there were cigarette machines and people would get upset because there would be no matches.I had to Google red box to see what you are talking about.