Monday, June 23, 2008

Motivated Monday

We got up today ready to take on anything! Mar still had lots of work to do, so she spent the day doing bills and getting things done on the computer. Then she did all the laundry to get ready for us leaving tomorrow. Bernie went to Home Depot to figure out how to mount Mar's trike on the back of Bella. And stopped at Publix to pick up some things for dinner. When she got back she fired up the grill and made delicious hamburgers and grilled potatoes. Then she got to work on Bella.

NN was lots of help. She had suggestions and an extra set of hands is always good to have. Thanks NN!! It took some doing but Mar's trike, (we call her Tinkerbell), is now up and ready to go … don't ask how we are going to get her down …

Then we packed Bella to get her ready for our departure tomorrow.

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