Friday, June 20, 2008

Lunch with the ladies

Today we went to lunch with NN, Gail, Patricia, and Erma. They are the local WAC's (women A frame campers). They were a hoot. We had a laugh a minute. Each lady welcomed us with smiles and so many stories to tell. We spent over two hours at lunch with these special ladies and when we left, we felt almost like family. Thanks, ladies!

We had decided to finally order the bikes we both wanted since we knew we would stay put in one place for a couple of days. Today we found out Bernie's bike had been delayed but got the call that Mar's bike was here. So we headed back towards Stone Mountain to meet with Olin and Roxanne. They are members of another one of our yahoo groups and because they live only seven miles from the park, had agreed to receive the bike for us at their home.

We immediately liked Olin and Roxanne, it was like we've always known them. Our first meeting was great and we had a wonderful time with them. We sure hope they know how thankful we were that they were willing to help people they had never met. We got the boxes from this friendly couple and went back to NN's for the night.

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