Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Film scramble

The dentist where we parked last night does have the one-day crown service but they do not take the dental plan we have, so it didn’t work out. We went back to the beach to hang out for a while. The water was a beautiful emerald color today and the sand almost as white as sugar. The weather was wonderful if a tad chilly, but it was just so nice to be back near the water.

When it was time to leave, we made several stops on Gulf Shores Parkway on our way out of town. First, we went to the Happy Hippie Shack, a very cool back-to-the-70s place that made us wish we were hippies. Then we went to the Coleman Outlet where we kept going ‘ohh’ and ‘ahh’ about all the cool camping gear we can’t afford.

Then we had to stop at the Lambert's Café. It was still early afternoon so we weren’t hungry but we had heard that they throw the rolls, so we went to check it out. Sure enough, the roll guy comes around pushing a cart with the hot bread rolls and if you want one he throws it to you. It was a lot of fun. Also the servers play tricks on you while you are eating, like pretending to spill water on you or show you fake food. This is one place with a good sense of humor and the best part is that the rolls are amazing, they are huge, really hot and really, really good. www.throwedrolls.com

Then we drove north to Fairhope AL to the next place we wanted to check out recommended on the show Diners, Drivethrus, and Dives: Guy’s Gumbo Shack. It was still a little early for dinner so we got our order to go. We got the naked gumbo, rice with red beans, and the sandwich recommended on the show, the T.L.T. (turkey, lettuce, tomato, with a white bbq sauce). guysgumbo.com

After that, we went to Spring Hill College in Mobile AL to see their Urban Legend Film Scramble, a screening of nine five-minute films produced in 48 hours by local filmmakers, inspired by items from snopes.com. We sat in a classroom with about 50 other people watching the short films. It was a great experience, some of the films were really good and funny. We even agreed with the judges’ choices for the top three films and each got a prize of $50.

Then we went back to Bella and had our dinner. The gumbo was too spicy for us, the rest was good, but nothing to write home about. Not the kind of place we’d visit again.

Then we drove west about an hour to Ocean Springs MS to Bernie’s next job. Marion has a honey-do list at her Bed and Breakfast for Bernie to take care of. She showed us around when we got there, we hooked up the water and electric, and then walked to the beach, which is less than a block away. We can actually see the ocean from where we’re parked and that makes us very happy. www.oakshade.net

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