Sunday, February 08, 2009

A little down time

Another good thing about this Sun Coast RV place where we spent the night, is that they sell propane for .99 cents a gallon. Since that is too good to pass up and we do need propane but they’re not open on Sundays, we’re just going to stay here one more night so we can get propane tomorrow.

It’s hard to believe just recently Bella was covered in snow and ice and we had to bundle up all the time. We are loving this “shorts and tshirt” weather, this is the life!

Now that we have extra time here, Bernie decided to go ahead and wash Bella today. While she worked outside, Mar cleaned and organized inside. It is always so nice when Bella is clean, inside and out.

Then we drove back to the McDonald’s to use the free wi-fi again so we could post our blogs, then we returned the movies to RedBox, and then went back to Sun Coast to spend the night. Tomorrow we’ll head south once again on I-65, towards Bernie’s next job.

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