Saturday, February 28, 2009

We're not lost

Today while Mar was working on her online class trying to meet a deadline, Bernie went for a walk on the beach and the shops around there. She met some interesting ladies who were taking a painting class. One of them came back with Bernie to look at Bella because she is interested in RVs.

Then the weather started to turn. The sky got dark and the wind picked up so we decided to get on the road before it got any worse. We headed west on 90. To actually stay on 90 there comes a point where you have to turn left (south), so we did, only to discover that the road was closed down for construction.

So we did a "route exclusion" on our GPS and the drive got really interesting then. We drove for miles and miles on lonely, gravel roads, turning here and there, seemingly going nowhere. Eventually we reached a paved road and entered the directions again on our GPS, got back on 90 and were able to keep going. We weren't lost, just temporarily, locationally challenged.

We headed then towards New Orleans. When we got there we drove a bit around downtown, taking a look around, and then we found a Quiznos for dinner. We had to use our coupons for free subs because they expired today.

Then we called Augusta, who had emailed us about some work at her second house. The house was damaged by Katrina so she is trying to get it fixed up so she can move into the house. We met Augusta at the house in the Bywater area, and she gave us the tour.

Then we parked in the very narrow driveway next to the house, plugged in the electric, hooked up the water hose, and settled in for the night. It's pretty cold here tonight.

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