Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Once we were ready to leave today, we drove west about 45 minutes to Lowndesboro, AL to the house of Sandy and Bobbie. They had emailed us about some work for Bernie and to invite us to park on their property, with electric, water, and sewer.

They told us they live out in the middle of nowhere and as we got closer, we could see they were right about that! Getting closer, the roads got smaller and more desolate. The last turn according to our GPS, put us on an unpaved road, and two miles later we finally found their house.

Their place is at the tip of a small peninsula on the Alabama river, so that the house is surrounded by water on all three sides. The area is beautiful and very peaceful, with lots of trees and breathtaking views of nature.

We parked under the carport they use for their motorhome, hooked Bella up, and went inside to sit on the back porch for happy hour. After a margarita (or two) and some wonderful conversation getting to know each other, we were ready for dinner. We threw some burgers on the grill and spent the rest of the evening getting to know our new friends a little better.

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karen and wendy said...

i love the pics with cornelia,lol.soon she will be able to say she has gotten to see america.hope you girls are having as much fun as it looks like you are.thank you so much for the posts,i look forward to them every day.hugs