Friday, June 19, 2009

Back on the road

Today was our last day at the campground. We checked out and went to find propane, because we were almost completely out. We found a Flying J, they had propane for $3 per gallon.

While we were there we decided to get gas too. Today gas was $2.45 per gallon before the discount with our Flying J card.

Then we went to the Community Christian Church in downtown Kansas City MO. One of five buildings in Missouri designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. This building is quite interesting and intriguing.

This church is done completely in stucco, which we have not seen before in any of the FLW buildings we’ve been to. However the typical characteristics of his design are obvious in the use of natural lighting, smaller doorframes and hallways, and his trademark fretwork.

Then we drove east almost four hours to Kirkwood MO, where we found a church parking lot to spend the night.

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PeaHeath60 said...

Just wanted to say I enjoy reading your blog!! Very encouraging for me to think of my future on the road in a few years!!

Patty (From Yahoo Group FulltimeRVingSeniors)