Sunday, June 28, 2009

The mirror is gone

Today was a perfect day to walk around Frankfort Avenue. We just happened upon this interesting area of Louisville KY, with many small shops to visit. Bernie ventured out early to walk around.

First she went to the corner bookstore. Charmichael’s Bookstore is small and very cute with a great selection of books. Bernie purchased the Sunday paper then headed to the coffee shop next door.

Heine Brothers’ Coffee is an eclectic and fun place. Just like a coffee shop should look, smell, and feel like. She got an iced coffee and then went back to Bella.

A little later Bernie went back to explore some more and found a consignment shop and a wine shop. The cashier at the wine shop mentioned a restaurant nearby that had been on the Throwdown show on the Food Network. We looked it up online and it sounded good so we decided to go there for dinner.

Lynn’s Paradise Café is quite a whimsical place. Fun is written all over the inside and out. We had the Hoppin Juan, their unique version of nachos with black beans and sweet mango salsa. Mar liked it more than Bernie did.

When we came out from the restaurant we were surprised to find Bella’s drivers side mirror smashed. Someone from the shop across the street came out to tell us that it had been a U-haul that knocked our mirror off and also the mirror of the Honda parked in front of us. They never even stopped.

Bernie cleaned up the glass off the street and then taped a small hand held mirror in place for now, until we can figure out what to do to get it fixed.

We then drove north about 20 minutes to Clarksville IN. We got a couple of movies from RedBox, found the post office, and parked for the night. It seems to be a little less warm tonight, maybe it is finally starting to cool off a bit, thank goodness.


Daña said...

Hey--I just read about your travels in LC--then got a request from you to join the LezTalkMadison list--I'm one of the moderators. And not only that, but for the decade before I moved to Madison, I lived in Louisville, KY, so imagine my surprise when I opened your blog and the story at the top of the list is about my old hometown! Small world indeed.

Are you coming to Madison for the National Women's Music Festival? It starts on Thursday.

I'll look for y'all there. meanwhile, enjoying being on LezTalk.


Anonymous said...

The mirror--I've had the same thing happen. I've seen people with big mirrors tuck them in when they parked. It might be easier to do with some mirrors than others, and you may never lose another mirror, no matter what.