Sunday, June 07, 2009

Free showers

Today we woke up, got ready to go, and then we drove through some small, lonely streets with lots of industrial looking buildings until we found the riverfront street again where the Arch is located. It’s hard to believe how big it is. It is truly massive. The pictures do no justice to its size.

It had started raining by then and we drove west for more than four hours until we got to Kansas City MO.

Along the way on I-70 we saw signs for a Nostalgia Village. We decided it was a good time to stop to stretch our legs. This place sells lots of cool stuff from the 50s and 60s. It was fun to look.

After another hour or so of driving we saw a truck stop and decided to make a quick stop. Once inside, the employee offered us free showers so we decided to stay. We took our showers and did our laundry too. This is the first time we’ve showered at a truck stop and it was really convenient.

After another hour of driving we made it to the economy parking lot at the Kansas City International Airport. We parked here for the night because Bernie is catching a plane home tomorrow morning to go visit her family in Florida.

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Anonymous said...

Hope everything is ok and this is a planned trip home. Take care and be safe!