Monday, June 01, 2009

Falafels and cupcakes

We were very happy to find this Walmart parking lot to spend the night, which is right on the bus route to NYC. We walked just a few steps from Bella to the bus stop where we got on the bus for the 20 minute ride into the city. It’s $3.15 per person to ride the bus.

Once in NYC we climbed up and down stairs to the subway station. This was Mar's first time ever on the subway. It’s $2 per person to ride the subway. We went from Times Square to the Staten Island Ferry.

We took the free ferry to Staten Island and then back to Manhattan. They do make you get off once you get there, even if you’re returning right away. The weather was lovely today so we got to see very clearly the magnificent NY skyline and the Statue of Liberty.

Then we got on the subway again and went to Chelsea Market, where the Food Network is located. We kept our eyes wide open but didn’t see any famous people.

We did find a great store with lots of free food samples. Mar finally found a Food Network tshirt at Chelsea Market Baskets. Unfortunately the only sizes they had left were huge but she got one anyway, being the fan that she is.

Then we walked to Taim, which is famous for its fabulous falafels and we can definitely see why. This is one tiny restaurant but they were crazy busy! The line went out the door. The place is so busy, that people eat standing outside holding their plates. And these are real dishes, at Taim nothing is disposable.

Then we walked to Magnolia Bakery. Any ‘Sex and the City’ fan knows that this place was made famous when Carrie and Miranda stuffed themselves with cupcakes here. We felt it was only fitting to do the same. It is a cute store but terribly busy and the cupcakes are only ok, not fabulous.

By then it was starting to get dark and with full bellies, we took the subway back to Times Square. From there we walked a block to the Port Authority to catch the bus. It took us home and practically to our doorstep and for this we were very grateful, because our feet were so sore we could hardly walk any more.

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