Monday, August 31, 2009

The end of the road

Dear Readers,

We are sorry to say that Bella’s adventures have been disrupted.

Bernie had to return home suddenly to take care of some family responsibilities (no emergencies, everyone is ok). Mar hasn’t yet decided what she’ll do next.

We thank you for being our loyal readers and we hope you have enjoyed the adventures of Bella and the Road.

You may still leave us comments here on the blog, we will get them, and we love getting your comments. Or if you prefer, you can email Mar at

Until we meet again,
Mar, Bernie and Bella


Keith Hosford said...

How very, very sad I am that Bernie had to leave the saga. I have enjoyed you girls travels so much.
Mar, I hope you find a Class B and will continue your travels and sharing them with us.
BEST of luck to both of you and Bella too.
Auburn, NY

Anonymous said...

That's too bad....I wish you both luck in whatever you do.

Jennifer- Monteverde

Louise in FLA said...

Sorry to hear of a problem but hope you will be able to continue.
We travel in a class B and there are lots of singles doing the same.
Louise in FLA
previous rialta and now a pleasureway Class B owner.
Good luck. Let me know if I can help

Jeanie said...

I am so disappointed.I traveled right along with you while I sat at home but was in your cheering corner. I wish each of you the best and maybe again one day you can finish your trip. Good Luck and I enjoyed your blog so much.

May God Bless you both.

Dothan AL

Jeanie said...

I am disappointed needless to say. Wish you both luck in the future. I enjoyed your blog so much.

Dothan, AL

DiSwi said...

I have kept up thru the entire trip..sorry to hear that your losing one member of the team..Mar continue on-everything happens for a adventures are ahead!!

notswift said...

Part of the beauty of Full Time living is that you are free to move about at will, including, back to point A if necessary.
It's all part of the lifestyle. Part of the adventure!
Chin up all, and stay tuned for further adventures from Bernie. Once you learn how to ride, you never forget the freedom to roll under your own power.
Be blesssed all!
jef @ Full Time Living