Sunday, March 01, 2009


The job in New Orleans did not work out. Augusta informed us she had already hired other people and really didn’t have anything for us to do.

So we unplugged and got ready to go. We had no other plans and didn’t really have anywhere to go, so what to do in a situation like this?

Eat, of course! We decided to go check out one of the local restaurants featured in Diners, Drive-ins and Dives.

We drove across town, down these really tiny, very bumpy streets until we found Parasol’s Restaurant and Bar. Once there we had to park on the street because there is no parking lot.

Then we approached the door and found we could not open it, it was stuck. We pushed and pulled and pushed and pulled, but it would not budge, until suddenly someone from inside opened the door for us.

We walked into a narrow, crowded bar, with hardly any room to walk. We asked where the restaurant was and were pointed to a doorway in the far corner. We walked up a couple of steps and into an pretty unusual restaurant.

The place didn’t look too inviting and not at all clean, but we decided our day could not get any worse so we decided to order. We split the roast beef poboy and french fries. The portions were generous and the food was fair. Not the kind of place we’d visit again. We have been to diners, we have been to drive-ins and now we can say we have been to a dive.

To make up for it we decided to go to a local ice cream shop that was featured on the Diners, Drive-ins and Dives show, the Creole Creamery.

This place was cute and the employees very nice. We split the peanut butter fudge sundae: two scoops of ice cream served in a peanut butter-coated glass. It was so so good!

After that we were too full to do anything else, it was pretty cold, and we were tired, so what to do in a situation like this? We went to the closest Walmart, about ten minutes away, to park for the night.

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