Sunday, May 31, 2009

A day of rest

Today we decided to stay put to recover from yesterday and also to try to get a few things done. Mar had lots of work to do so she was busy on her laptop most of the day. Bernie got some things we needed at Walmart and tried to figure out the bus schedule to NYC.

As we sat down to dinner the phone rang. Jan and Lenny called to invite us over for dessert. They live in NJ and we stayed in their driveway last fall when we visited NYC.

We had fresh strawberries from their own strawberry plant, home made pound cake, and ice cream. Everything was delicious and we enjoyed seeing them again.

While we were there we filled up our fresh water tank. Thank you, Jan and Lenny!

Then we went back to the Walmart parking lot, which is right on the bus route. Then Bernie changed the oil in Bella while Mar went back to work.

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