Saturday, March 14, 2009

Apple blossoms

Once again it was raining when we woke up today. Because of the rain we discovered there is a leak in Bella's roof. Bernie took a look and found a small tear in the roof. The water is seeping through that tear and down the wall inside the cabinet where we keep our books. Thankfully the books are fine, we caught it before there was any damage.

We are not sure how it could have happened but lately we have been doing mostly city driving and we can’t always avoid the lower tree branches. Maybe that did it. Now we have to find the way to fix the tear.

After drying up the leak we drove about 15 minutes to the Orange Show Monument. It is a whimsical place, decorated with lots of colors, on a quiet corner lot with all kinds of found objects and lots of quotes all around. It is an indoor/outdoor 3,000 square foot concrete maze that includes an oasis, a wishing well, a pond, a stage, and an upper deck.

Then we headed to the Beer Can House, which is a house made completely out of beer cans and it is only open on Saturdays and Sundays. We extended our stay in Houston just to wait till Saturday so we could see it. When we got there today, we saw a hand written sign on the fence saying that it was closed due to the weather. We had to leave without seeing the inside and we were sooooo disappointed!

To end our tour of Houston we drove by the area that used to be the Sacred Heart Dominican College, where Bernie's mom went to college.

Then we left Houston and drove about an hour and a half to College Station, where we went to dinner at the Hullabaloos Diner, one of the restaurants featured on Diners, Drive-ins and Dives.

Hullabaloos is an old streetcar turned into a restaurant and brought over from NY. We had the mushroom philly steak sandwich and the mexican green chili burger. They were both excellent, we really enjoyed the food.

But the best part was how friendly everyone was. The couple sitting at the table next to us told us all about the area. Matt, our server, was a very nice, polite, young man who was eager to hear about our travels. We met the very warm and friendly owners, Cindy and Rich, and had a nice chat with them.

We were feeling stuffed from such a great dinner when we saw Matt walk toward our table with two plates we didn’t order. The owners surprised us with dessert: two wonderfully rich Apple Blossoms, that were absolutely delicious. If you are ever in Texas, this is where you want to eat.

We don’t really like to drive at night if we don’t have to so we decided to drive just part of the way to our next destination, Austin TX. Between our GPS, our Walmart atlas, and the Walmart website, we figured there is a Walmart about an hour away so we took off towards Caldwell TX.

There are no major highways between College Station and Caldwell, or at least our GPS couldn’t find them. After miles and miles of quite lonely, very small, barely paved, totally dark roads, we finally saw lights in the distance. We reached civilization and found the Walmart, which was closed already and it wasn’t even 11:00 pm. Where are we?


Jo said...

Sorry to hear about the leak, hope it isn't anything to bad and easy to fix. Other than that you seemed to have a very busy and fun day.

snorklequeen said...

well, guys, on the way to Caldwell, you are in rural Texas! i've driven those roads traveling from Houston to Waco. there definitely are NO big highways going to Caldwell. and in the rain, it's no fun, i know

you'll love Austin; you may want to stay for a month at least!

happy trails! Juanita a/k/a Jean a/k/a Snorklequeen