Monday, March 09, 2009

A day at the beach

We woke up in the Walmart parking lot and although we could hear the ocean, we couldn't quite see it from where we were parked, so we wanted to get closer.

We drove to the very end of Seawall Boulevard where the road dead ends and parked right next to the water.

Seawall Boulevard is about 10 miles long. There are stores and hotels on one side, and on the other side there is a drop off, a huge seawall with stairs to get down to the beach. The seawall is about seven miles long and seventeen feet high and it was built in 1902 to protect the city from storms.

We spent the afternoon at the beach. Bernie walked around looking for cans and found plenty today. It is so nice here, we decided to stay overnight right here where we're parked.

The weather was nice all day long, right around 70 degrees but quite windy. It is such a lovely evening we decided not to turn on the generator and we just had sandwiches for dinner.

For those of you who remember our painful saga of the botched installation of the additional batteries and an inverter, we are happy to report all the problems have finally been solved and we're very satisfied with Bella's electrical system now.

We added four golf cart batteries (6v) and a 1800 watt inverter. Everything is working fine and it is now a pleasure to be able to boondock without worries. Next on our wish list is some solar panels but they are so expensive, we'll just have to wait and see ...

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