Sunday, March 15, 2009

More water

After getting gas and a few supplies at Walmart, we were ready to hit the road. We drove west about two and a half hours to Dripping Springs TX, which is just west of Austin.

After going through Austin where there was a lot of heavy traffic for a Sunday, it was quite a contrast to leave the city. As we got closer to Dripping Springs, we were driving on long, narrow, hilly, curvy roads with lots of green everywhere we looked, and pretty much nothing else.

We went to the house of Vickie and Kathy, located on a five acre ranch. They have asked us to pet sit for them while they go to NY for spring break, and they also have a couple other jobs for Bernie to do this week.

After a nice chat and getting the tour of the house and the land, we went back to Bella to plug in and get settled in.

A couple of days ago, Mar had noticed a wet spot on the carpet by the driver's seat. Today the spot was much bigger, so Bernie decided to try to figure out where the water was coming from.

As she looked closer she could tell the water was coming from behind the driver's seat, from under Mar's bed. When we lifted the mattress, we saw everything under there was soaking wet and it was not a pretty sight. This is where the pump and fresh water tank are located.

Bernie took the whole bed apart, she removed all the wet wood, carpet and foam. Then we tried to determine where the water was coming from. We looked at every possibility and could not figure it out. Looking closely with a flash light, we tested the water pump, the water heater, we tried both filling up the fresh water tank and connecting the outside hose. There is no way to tell how all that water got under the bed.

It looks like a disaster area in Bella now but it was late by then and the only thing we could do was turn on the space heater in front of the wet spots, and wait till the wet floor underneath dries up, before we can do anything else with this mess.

So for now we are just waiting for water to dry ... the adventure never ends.

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