Saturday, March 07, 2009

The levee

For a parking lot, the casino's wasn't too noisy, not too bad to spend the night. And the weather is nice today, actually not too hot.

From where we were parked we could see the New State Capitol building. We drove a couple of minutes to get there. The inside is quite impressive and very beautiful. We took the elevator up to the Shop at the Top of the Louisiana State Capitol, located on the 27th floor. The shop was closed but we went out to the observation deck for a 360 degree view of Baton Rouge and the Mississippi River.

Then we drove a bit around downtown and went to see the Old State Capitol, which is now a museum, and also the Governor's Mansion, which is a small version of the White House. Then we parked on River Road right between the USS Kidd and the Louisiana Art and Science Museum.

We walked around the park there and all the way to the end of the Riverfront Landing Dock on the Mississippi River levee, where we had an impressive view of the bridge, the river boat, the coast, and the USS Kidd.

By then it was getting to be late afternoon and it was time to leave Baton Rouge. We drove west on I-10 for about an hour to Lafayette LA where we stopped for gas at $1.79 per gallon.

Then we drove west again on I-10 another hour or so, to Lake Charles LA. Here we found a Catholic Church and parked for the night in their parking lot so Bernie can go to mass tomorrow morning.

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