Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Short films

Today we spent a little time at the beach until it was time to go. Before we left Bernie checked the water in the batteries and changed the oil in Bella. Next we went to a construction site where they lent us their water hose to fill up our fresh water tank.

Then we did some drive by tourism before we left Galveston. We went to see Pelican Island, the Hurricane Victims Memorial, the Texas Heroes Monument, the Moody Mansion, the Garten Verein, and the pyramids at Moody Gardens.

We spotted a coach just like Cinderella's in front of a wedding business, with a fake life sized horse. We had to stop to take a closer look, it's just not something you get to see every day.

Then we got gas ($1.75/gallon) and drove about 50 minutes to Houston TX.

We went straight to downtown Houston to find the Angelika Film Center, where tonight we saw the five Academy Award nominated short films of 2009. It is easy to see why they were nominated, they were all very good.

Afterwards we drove a bit around downtown, until we found a place to park for the night. We are between a hotel and a restaurant and it’s pretty noisy around here.

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