Friday, March 13, 2009

The butterflies

Today we got up and went just outside our door to see the Project Row Houses. This is a neighborhood art and cultural organization consisting of twenty-two shotgun houses and other properties, including artist exhibition spaces, houses for young mothers, artist residencies, office spaces, a community gallery, and a park.

They are between installations right now so we didn't get to see much but we were told that tonight they are showing their free monthly movie for the community and we said we would try to come back.

Before we left there Juanita, a new friend from one of our yahoo groups who lives in Houston, came by on her way to work, to meet us and give us some coupons she had for us. We had a nice chat with her and then we went to the Houston Museum of Natural Science to see the The Cockrell Butterfly Center.

The butterfly center is a simulated tropical rainforest inside a stunning, three story glass structure built around a fifty foot waterfall, and it is filled with exotic plants and hundreds of gorgeous butterflies.

We got a nice discount on the price of admission with the coupons Juanita gave us. Thank you, Juanita!

It was really cold and raining a bit as we left there, so we went to do some drive by tourism. First we drove through Chinatown, then we went to see the tiled benches and water tables in Market Square, then we went to see the seven wonders sculpture in Sesquicentennial Park, and the waterfall at the Wortham Center.

Then we went back to the Project Row Houses just in time to see the movie and have some popcorn. The movie they showed tonight was "The City", a black and white drama of four separate stories about immigrants in New York City. After the movie, there was a good, thought provoking discussion.

After that we decided to go get some groceries. We found the closest Walmart, did our shopping, rented a movie from RedBox, and parked for the night.

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Jo said...

The butterfly exhibit sounds beautiful.