Sunday, April 26, 2009

Chicken dinner

It was so dark when we parked here last night at one of the Little River Canyon National Preserve’s lookouts, that we had no idea what the view looked like. When we woke up today we were awe struck by the amazing beauty of the place.

We opened all the windows and the door to have a full view. There are two picnic tables here and this seems to be a popular spot. We listened as people approached the overlook and gasped in amazement at the breathtaking views of the river 100 feet below. We fully understood when we heard each ahh and ooh.

Around lunchtime we heard some people setting up for a picnic close to Bella. We saw a young man, two older ladies, and an older gentleman. They sat at the picnic table with bottles of Coke and a bucket of KFC.

At one point Bernie could tell they were talking about Bella and overheard one of them wonder if we had a bathroom. Bernie answered from our window, that yes, we have a bathroom but we don’t have fried chicken. Everyone laughed. A little later there was a knock at our door. They offered us the rest of their fried chicken along with biscuits and mashed potatoes. We were so surprised!

Turns out they were siblings who had grown up on a farm just across the street. Nell, Elizabeth, and Fred are all in their 80s and had some fun stories to share. Fred's son, Tim, came with them from Birmingham AL. They were really nice and we were grateful for the chicken dinner.

Later in the afternoon when it wasn’t as hot, we went for a walk and then sat outside enjoying the view and the fresh air until dinnertime. The KFC was so tasty. Our phones and internet don’t work here on the mountain, so tonight we were able to catch up on our reading some more.

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Anonymous said...

Love this post, I live vicariously through you two. :o)