Thursday, April 30, 2009

Blowing Rock

It was cloudy and quite chilly today so the day started with a debate: to slide or not to slide down the waterfall rocks at Sliding Rock Park. Mar couldn’t bear the thought of being terribly cold the rest of the day with wet hair, so she chickened out.

But Bernie suited up and we headed out with a towel in one hand and camera in the other. Then off she went sliding down the rocks. It happened so fast Mar could hardly get any pictures.

Bernie popped out of the water faster than you can imagine. The water was way too cold, it literally took her breath away. She wished she could go again but the freezing water kept that thought out of her mind.

We left Sliding Rock with fond memories and got back on the Parkway. We went to the Blue Ridge Parkway Destination Center at milepost 384. This is a large visitor center with a theater, gift shop, and lots of displays about the Parkway. The park ranger there told us about the road closures on the Parkway and mapped out a detour route for us.

At milepost 291 we left the Parkway and went to the town of Blowing Rock. The town is small and it took us a while to decide where to park. We found the downtown public parking lot and found a good spot in the corner.

After dinner Bernie decided to go for a walk. This town has free wi-fi so tonight we were able to watch tv on our laptop. A wonderful ending to a wonderful day.

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Jo said...

Hi Gals.
I realy hate cold water. brrr
I did not know that you can watch tv on a laptop. That sure would work better for me than to drag around a tv since I have such a small space. Thanks for the info
Happy trails