Monday, April 27, 2009

Why are they honking?

We were awakened early this morning by a forest ranger banging on our hood and yelling that we couldn’t camp here. He proceeded to collect the trash and then left. We were taken aback by how abrupt he was and quite miffed at his rude behavior. We tried to go back to sleep but it was hard.

Later we went down to the base of the mountain to see the Little River Falls, the 45 foot waterfall that gives the park its name. There is hiking and swimming there. The water was beautiful and crystal clear, but way too cold to get in.

We then drove back to Scottsboro AL for Mar's mail, which did arrive today. Then we drove northeast about an hour and a half to Chattanooga TN.

On the way there we crossed into GA for a little bit and were lucky to find gas for $1.78.

In Chattanooga we went to see a house by Frank Lloyd Wright, which is not open to the public so we were just going to drive by to take a look from the street.

The drive there proved to be quite an adventure. First we went through a tunnel that was barely big enough for just us. We have no idea why but all the cars behind us were honking their horns like crazy.

Then we went up hills that seemed almost straight up. The house sits at the top, looking over a mountain. The owners are out of town - according to a neighbor - so we did some exploring and were able to view most of the house. This house is another impressive masterpiece in a stunning location with a spectacular view of the city below.

Then we drove 45 minutes to the Books-A-Million in Cleveland TN to use their free wi-fi with our store card and to spend the night. We were hungry by then. We had warmed up our dinner on the engine block on our way here so it was ready for us. We really like this system.


Anonymous said...

It's sort of a tradition to honk when going through tunnels. People like the way it sounds. Nothing personal aimed at you :-) Not too many tunnels in Florida, huh?

Jo said...

Hi gals, people just like to honk in tunnels, I don't understand that either. I remember as a kid going through the tunnels in NY from NJ people would be honkin like crazy. And going through the tunnel to Bisbee people honkin in there too. who knows I guess they just like the noise.Me not so much

Janine said...

If it's a narrow tunnel they'll honk so oncoming traffic knows that another car is coming through and they have to wait to get in. (we have a narrow tunnel like that near us. Otherwise I imagine they just like to make noise!

SkippyMom said...

I am perplexed by one thing - If he said you couldn't camp there why did you try to go back to sleep? I take it you were boondocking and it wasn't legit to be there?

Perhaps he was a bit rude because he gets tired of people breaking the rules? No offense, honest, but it might explain his actions if you were doing something you weren't supposed to.

And heating dinner on the engine block rocks! :D