Thursday, April 23, 2009

Recycled love

There seemed to be quite a bit of activity at the fairgrounds today as we were getting ready to go. There were lots of trucks arriving with people unloading and setting up, probably getting ready for the weekend.

Nashville is having their annual rock and roll marathon this Saturday. More than 30,000 runners are expected to participate. There is also a half marathon, a children’s marathon, a wheelchair marathon, and a bunch of music concerts.

We won’t be in Nashville for the marathon, but today we went to check out the marathon’s Health and Fitness Expo at the convention center. There was no free parking anywhere, so we went to a paying lot.

While waiting in line to buy our ticket from the parking lot machine, a couple drove by and gave us their ticket with two hours left on it. They said someone had given them the ticket when they got there, so they were just recycling the love. We were so very grateful.

The expo was pretty big with lots of new products for athletes. We sampled some sports drinks and energy bars, we got free back massages and hand paraffin treatments, and left with a bag full of free goodies, samples, and coupons.

After that we headed out. We drove southeast on 24 for almost three hours to Whitwell TN. When we got there we went to the address we had for Whitwell Middle School and it turns out the school has moved. While driving around looking for the middle school, we found both the Whitwell Elementary School and the Whitwell High School, but no middle school.

After getting on the phone and on the internet, we finally found the new location of the new Whitwell Middle School. It was late so of course the school was closed. We saw a small shopping center nearby and went there to park for the night, right next to Dollar General.

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