Saturday, April 18, 2009

Free campground

Sarah, the lady from wildlife rescue, called early this morning to say she was coming to get Albert. He had been crying and would not eat or drink a thing. Bernie got up and waited for Sarah who said she had five other babies about the same age as Albert. After she left, Bernie went back to bed.

Much later, we woke up in the parking lot of the Manship House Museum in Jackson MS. After our iced coffee (today was too hot for hot coffee) we went to check out their event called A Day With Shakespeare.

It is a very small event, there were just a couple dozen people or so. We got to watch a scene from Faustus and then we toured the Manship House. This was the residence of the mayor of Jackson during the Civil War. He had the house built for his wife and 10 children. They had 15 children but five did not make it.

Afterward we got gas for $1.89 and then got back on the Natchez Trace. We drove about 100 miles on the Trace today.

We stopped at Myrick Creek to see the beavers. Even though we walked around the whole place, we didn't get to see any beavers. But it was a nice, pleasant walk.

At Madison, we got off the Trace and drove a couple of miles to the Mississippi Crafts Center. Here we saw some beautiful and unique objects and pieces of art, in a very modern concrete building.

Back on the Trace we passed by Kosciusko MS, where Oprah grew up. We didn’t get to stop because it was already getting dark and wewanted to get to the campground.

At milepost 193.1 we stopped for the night at the Jeff Busby campground, one of three free campgrounds along the Trace. It was nearly full but we found a spot.

Yesterday we drove through the Rocky Springs campground at milepost 54.8, just to see it because it was still too early for us to stop. It’s a good thing we didn’t need to stay, because the place was packed. We were lucky to find a spot to park tonight.

Once we parked, Bernie started a fire to cook dinner. It rained today so the wood was wet and it took nearly an hour to get it going using no fuel, just good ole hard work.

As soon as she got the fire going, it started to rain again! We thought fast and decided to put out the awning and transfer the fire to the grill to cook our burgers under the awning. It worked perfectly and we had Bernie’s amazing cheeseburgers for dinner.

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