Thursday, April 16, 2009

Vacation shirt

The first order of business today was to get going, so we did that after our coffee, and we headed northeast towards Shreveport LA. We got there in a couple of hours.

We went to the Louisiana Boardwalk, which is not a real boardwalk but a high end shopping center that just happens to be along the

We looked for some of the stuff we had seen on their website: the bridge that lights up at night and the seven foot female statue. Both looked much more impressive online, they turned out to be quite disappointing.

We got a slice of dulce de leche cheesecake to go and sat on a bench to eat it while people watching and listening to music. The night was cool, and we really enjoyed our cheesecake and the music.

After that we were headed for a Walmart to spend the night, when we realized it was a bit out of the way, so we decided to just keep driving. About four hours later, we finally stopped in Natchez MS, where we found Mammy’s Cupboard and parked for the night.

It has been quite a while since we have had any downtime. Because of Bella's leak problems and Bernie's back to back jobs and Mar teaching new online classes, everything has been way too hectic for us. But today was our first day to just relax. We didn’t have anything to do and we didn’t have to be anywhere … and Bernie wore her vacation shirt to prove it.


Jo said...

Glad you both had some down time to enjoy what you started out for. I realize you need to work too. Have fun.

judilyn said...

Mar - What sort of online classes are you taking?

Judie Ashford

Mar and Bernie said...

Oh no, I don't take online classes. I teach online.