Wednesday, November 19, 2008

CW here we come

As we usually do, we had spent the night at our next day’s destination. It is a good idea that always works well for us, and it saves us time. So last night we spent the night at the Daredevils Museum so that we would already be there when we woke up.

After waking up and getting dressed in 25 degree weather, we braved the outside to find the place closed. We knew they were supposed to be open so we looked for the sign listing their hours. The sign on the window said that they’re there when they’re there and they’re not there when they’re not there. Oh well, we were very disappointed.

Then we went back to the American Falls for some daytime pictures. It was even more amazing in the daytime and perhaps even colder than last night. It was snowing by now and we discovered that snow accumulates on your head and shoulders, and it flies in your face as you walk, almost like little shards of glass hitting you. Snow can be very pretty but it is not always fun. It is darn cold here.

We then drove about an hour to the Camping World in Churchville NY, where we have an appointment tomorrow for their third attempt at fixing our electrical system.

Once we got there they let us know where the dump station and hookups were located. After dumping, we drove around the huge parking lot, through a maze of rv’s looking for the hookups. None were found. Bernie went back inside to ask and they were nice enough to send someone out to help us. We filled up our water tank, connected the electric, turned on the heat, and settled in for the night.

There is no telling how long we’ll be here this time so please keep your fingers crossed for us.

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