Saturday, November 08, 2008

Pretzel twisters

Today we left Ephrata PA and visited Intercourse, Bird In Hand, Strasburg, and Leola, which are all in the Lancaster PA area.

In Intercourse PA we went to the pretzel factory for a short tour including a lesson on how to twist a pretzel. So today we learned how to make a pretzel. We are now expert pretzel twisters and have the sticker to prove it. This was one of Bernie’s birthday weekend experiences. It was fun but much harder than it looks. Intercourse is a cute town with lots of shops. It was also a pretty good place to see the Amish around town, most of them riding horse buggies.

While driving in Bird In Hand we saw a hot air balloon that looked like it was setting up to go out. We pulled over to watch and it was pretty fascinating to see how it is done. We watched the huge red balloon being inflated and then take off. Pretty cool.

After that we saw a Goodwill store with a Bargain Room next door and we decided to check it out. Turns out all the clothes in the Bargain Room are only 75 cents to a dollar. We got a pair of jeans for 75 cents, a wool, lined winter coat for a dollar, and a pair of boots for $1.50. This was amazing and everything was in really good shape.

By then we had worked up an appetite. One of art Bernie’s birthday presents was no cooking for three days, so we got a good deal for dinner at Cici’s Pizza tonight.

Then we headed to Leola PA and spent the night in the parking lot of the Leola Inn to wait for Bernie’s first big birthday present tomorrow. Stay tuned.

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