Thursday, November 13, 2008

Falling Water

We toured Fallingwater today, a masterpiece by Frank Lloyd Wright. This house was more beautiful, if possible, than Kentuck Knob. It is much bigger and completely built over a waterfall that you can hear from anywhere inside the house. What and exquisite work of art, definitely worth the visit.

Then we drove off this mountain with its steep grades towards Pittsburgh PA, almost an hour and a half drive. On the way there we saw a billboard for the world's largest Big Mac and remembered reading that the Big Mac Museum was in this area, so we went to check it out. We had a Big Mac for dinner to honor the museum and of course, took pictures of that big Big Mac.

When we got to Pittsburgh we went to the REI store because we’ve never been before. We wondered around wishing on what we could buy and seeing way too many fancy things we would not want to buy. Afterwards we drove around Pittsburgh to take a look.

Then we drove a little less than half an hour to the Walmart in Gibsonia PA. This store didn’t have groceries, so we went to the Shop and Save next door to do our shopping, rented a couple of movies from Redbox, and parked for the night.

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I've been to Falling Waters many times, Nice place! (too bad his teapot idea didn't work)
I do my white water rafting just down the road from there on the Yuck.
Nice state camp ground on the next mountain over.
Not far from me...2hrs or so.
If ya come this way get in touch, I can offer a driveway and a few meals for a while.
David the Future vandweller.