Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Pagoda in the dark

We woke up in the Cabela's parking lot and noticed we were the last ones there, all the other RVs that were here last night were gone by now.

We were out of propane and fresh water, so we went to the rv store across the street. We were told it would take a while for them to send someone out because they were so busy. We said ok and went to wait by the propane tank. After waiting a little too long we decided to go in and ask. Turns out they forgot about us and they said all the techs had just gone on break and could not help for another fifteen minutes. At this place the whole shop goes on break together at the same time. Interesting … but frustrating for us!

While we waited we used the time to dump and fill up the fresh water tank. Finally someone came out and filled our propane tank. When we went in to pay we were given a 5% discount for the inconvenience. Not much, but every little bit helps.

Then we drove about 15 minutes from Hamburg PA to Shartlesville PA to see Roadside America, a huge indoor miniature village. This place was really fun! The project was started in 1903 and it represents all aspects of daily life and businesses in different American cities. It even had little buttons you could push to interact with the village. Every half hour they turn down the lights and it is “night time” in the village, with a nice light show and they play the national anthem. Very cool to watch.

By the time we left there it was already getting dark, it got dark really early and quickly. We drove about half an hour to Reading PA to see The Pagoda. By the time we got there it was really dark. To get to The Pagoda you have to drive up a mountain with very few lights. The road was really dark and it was hard to see the signs, even though it wasn’t even 6:00 pm yet.

When we got to the top, we parked right next to The Pagoda and got out to take a look. The view from up here is amazing, we could see all the city lights in every direction. We could only see The Pagoda in shadows so we decided to stay up here for the night so we can see it in the daylight tomorrow. We will only be able to see it from outside because it is closed for restoration. This Pagoda is 100 years old.

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