Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Museums of fun

We woke up early today, excited to visit two fun attractions in Easton PA.

We walked one block to the Pez Museum, a small space as museums go but very, very colorful. It is basically one large room and a store. There are some activities to do, like scavenger hunts to find a list of specific Pez. We had fun there and actually stayed longer than we thought we would, given the size of the place, but there was so much fun stuff to look at.

Then we went around the corner to the Crayola Museum. Since we don’t have kids with us, we decided not to pay the price of admission so instead of going through the museum, we just spent time in the store. This store is huge, it’s actually bigger than the Pez Museum. There is every possible Crayola product you can imagine and they also have the largest Crayola in the world, and it is BIG and blue.

Next, we decided to explore the downtown area so we walked around Centre Square. We found a coffee shop with a very friendly barista, Meghan. She made us a beautiful cafe mocha and marshmallow latte. The chocolate artwork on the top was so pretty we didn't even want to drink it.

Then we visited a bookstore called the Quadrant. This is a very unique place, there are tons and tons of books everywhere you look, even on the steps of the stairs. More than a bookstore it looks like a home that happens to sell books. There are all kind of items everywhere, from an antique typewriter to the tin ceiling (some of it falling down in one of the rooms) to the detailed wainscoting being refurbished, to a cozy chair next to a fireplace, the place has amazing potential and charm.

Then we drove about an hour to Cabela’s in Hamburg PA. We had never been to Cabela's. We looked around this immense store. It has everything you could possibly need and even things you didn’t know you needed. The place is so big it even has an indoor waterfall and a restaurant. Then we found a spot in the Cabela’s parking lot for the night.

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