Saturday, November 01, 2008

Rubber tramps

We went inside the York County School of Technology in search of their 30th annual cake competition. There were about 50 cakes competing in different categories. Some of the cakes were quite impressive, showing a lot of creativity and originality, some were the size of cupcakes and others were large cakes that would feed a lot of people. It was really fun to go see this art form. We even got to vote in the people’s choice selection.

Then we made a quick stop at Walmart to pick up a few staples on our way to the Vandwellers Mini Convention at a campground just outside of York PA. The vandwellers is one of our yahoo groups and a few of us happened to be in the area today so we decided to meet at John’s place at

We were the first ones to get there. After hooking up the water and electric, John and his eight-year-old son, Bobby, showed us around the camp. They showed us the bathhouse, the basketball court, the mini golf, the new go cart track, and the cabins that are not in use at the moment. This place is absolutely gorgeous and so peaceful in the mountains of PA, and the weather was perfect today.

Bobby and Bernie decided to build a fort together so they started collecting branches and vines for it. A little later as Bernie fired up the grill for dinner, we were joined by two other vandweller friends, Michael and Kate. We had a lovely time sitting around the grill sharing stories while Bobby helped Kate play the guitar.

There are two videos on YouTube of all of us, check them out at and

As it got dark and the night started to cool off, Michael and John went inside to watch the documentary “Rubber Tramps”. When they were finished, they lent us the dvd so we could watch it in Bella. We then got settled in for the night.


Cedar ... said...

You should remind your friend that squirting flamable liquid onto a fire from a closed container is extremely dangerous to him as well as those standing nearby! That is an absolute NO-NO for camping safety or "anytime" safety!

Anonymous said...

Altogether too short... so short... We'll get to spend some quality time when you get to N. California!