Sunday, November 23, 2008

More snow

We were warm and toasty when we woke up, how nice it is to have shore power. After a hot cup of coffee we started out.

We drove to the Lumber Museum in Galeton PA about two hours away. The drive took us up and down mountains, around winding roads, through small towns, over railroad tracks, and by barns and barns and more barns. And everything was covered in snow, everywhere we looked there was snow, snow and more snow.

Finally we made it to the Lumber Museum, which consists of several buildings, none of them heated. We walked around the museum and learned all about the C.C.C. (Civilian Conservation Corps). It was started in 1933 by president F.D. Roosevelt to provide jobs after the Depression. The men made $30 a month by working eleven hours a day, six days a week.

The museum includes saw blades, machinery, clothing, and lots of pictures of life in the camps. Then we went outside to tour the rebuilt camps complete with locomotives, blacksmith shop, mess hall, and living quarters.

Then we drove about an hour to Kane PA to the Foote Rest Campground. They had plowed a site for us and this campground even has cable, perfect for a cold, cold night.

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