Friday, November 14, 2008

Mar in Mars

We went to a town today dedicated to Mar, it is Mars PA, about 15 minutes away. First we found the Mars post office and sent some packages to family so that they are stamped with the Mars postmark.

Then we took pictures of the spaceship this town is known for and also of several places named after Mar such as the Mars Laundromat, the Mars Fire Department, the Mars Public Library, and the Mars National Bank, among others.

Our visit to Mars even included getting yelled at by the Mars mayor. We had stopped along the side of the road to take a picture when the mayor, who happened to be across the street, suggested we move or we "might" get a citation. We said thank you to the mayor, took our picture quickly, and left Mars.

Then we drove about two hours to Cleveland OH for the Fabulous Food Show at the I-X Center. This is a huge show with several celebrity chefs, including Paula Deen and Curtis Stone.

We went inside to check out the place and got our tickets for tomorrow. We asked and got permission to spend the night in the parking lot. Right next door to the food show there is a free art festival so we went to that tonight. This show is a By Hand event and it had some beautiful and very original art items.

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