Friday, May 01, 2009

Wrong detour

We got up extra early today because we wanted to make it to the Snappy Lunch in Mount Airy NC before they closed at 1:45 pm.

To make good time we even had our coffee on the go. We entered the Parkway only to find a sign that indicated another road closure. We figured we would just follow the detour signs like we did yesterday because the signs had been very helpful.

When we got to the blockade we saw the sign that said detour. There were no arrows so we took a right turn off the Parkway, the only way we could turn. This took us to a lonely, narrow, unpaved, hilly, curvy road.

Driving at 5-10 miles an hour, much later we finally got to the first intersection and decided to listen to our GPS who kept telling us to do a u-turn and turn back. We had not seen any other signs after that first one.

We drove all the way back, now mostly uphill, on this curvy road and got back to the Parkway. We don’t know how we got so lost but we agreed that from now on we should have our coffee before we drive. What a difference caffeine makes!

This "detour" made us late so we didn’t’ make it to Mount Airy before the Snappy Lunch closed. This made us a little unhappy.

We went to the visitor center and asked for directions to a laundromat. We did four big loads of laundry and chatted with the friendly locals.

Then we headed to the Walmart less than two miles away. On the way there we saw a Staples and decided to stop to try out their wi-fi. It was working so we parked here for the night.

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Jo said...

Hi there Gals,
just finished looking at all the pictures. great stuff and you all look like your having great fun.