Friday, October 31, 2008

Bernie Wonka and the chocolate factory

Happy Halloween!

Our new friends and driveway campground hosts, took us to see a few places in North Jersey today. We saw a gorgeous castle owned by a local silk tycoon, a lovely park on a mountain with trees in every fall color, and the last and best stop of the tour: a chocolate factory!

Our new friends happen to know the owners of the Bromilow’s chocolate factory. It smelled so good when we opened the door. Of course since today is Halloween and this is a candy shop, we got to see a few trick-or-treaters come by while we were there (see pics).

We got the full tour of the factory. We met one of the chocolatiers, Gloria, who let us sample one of the broken pieces of chocolate she was working with. The milk chocolate was delicious.

Then Barb, another chocolatier, offered us some chocolate to take with us. Bernie picked two pieces and Barb doubled it. Then she asked us what we like (we said chocolate with peanut butter) and she kept finding more and more candy to give us. We could not believe it, our eyes were getting bigger by the handful, and we couldn’t stop grinning. We were like little kids in a candy store!

By the time Barb was finished our bag was fuller than if we had gone trick or treating for Halloween! Bromilow’s chocolate is heavenly and it was so much fun to visit the factory on Halloween. Their website is

Then our hosts took us back to Bella where we got packed and ready to go.

While packing we noticed Bernie was in sugar shock because she was walking around in a daze and could not think straight. She had "tasted" all the candy in the car on the way home and we think that might have something to do with it. She even put the outside step in and then forgot it and walked right out expecting the step to be there. She did not get hurt but that’s what you get for eating too much candy on Halloween…

After finally getting everything ready we were sad to say goodbye. Janis and Lenny were such wonderful hosts: dinner, laundry, water, and electric. They were willing to help us with our every need. Lenny gave us some homemade chicken noodle soup to take with us, he is such a great cook.

We then drove about three hours to the York County School of Technology in York PA, found a spot in their parking lot, and parked for the night.


Anonymous said...

Gee, Clifton,NJ. You are in the area I used to work in when with Verizon. Glad you enjoyed Lambert Castle [Grace always made that a field trip for her 4th graders] and the wonderful world of Bromilow's. I made special trips there for their chocolate dipped strawberries. I guess on your trip to York, you had to endure the rough road on #78. It's OK in a car, but the RV takes a beating.
Cory and Grace

goooooood girl said...

Feel good......