Friday, May 22, 2009

Dinner with friends

After a long workday we went to the house of Aram and Miriam for dinner. We wanted this to be our treat so we had planned to cook for them.

Mar made black bean hummus for an appetizer, spoon bread for a side dish, and layered cookie bars for dessert.

Bernie made mojitos and after everyone had one in their hand, she made a delicious vegan dinner because Aram and Miriam are vegan. Bernie made tofu parmesan with garlic spaghetti.

When we first got there we met the neighbors, Diane and Bob, who are island "weekenders" and had just arrived on the boat. Then Little Terry showed up a bit later. We can confirm that there is never a dull moment on Smith Island.

After a wonderful evening we headed home on our bikes. The more we get to know Aram and Miriam, the more we like them. We had fun with them tonight.

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