Monday, May 18, 2009

South and southeast

Today after running a couple of errands, we picked up our mail from general delivery at the post office, and then left Manassas VA.

We headed north towards Towson MD. As we were approaching Washington DC, Mar missed our exit (again) and we got a quick sight seeing tour of our capital. As we drove by we saw from a distance several of the monuments we visited last fall. It was a nice detour, except for the traffic.

In Towson we went to a sushi place we've heard about but it was closed when we got there, because they are closed on Mondays.

Our friend Kristin, who was meeting us for dinner, came by to pick us up and took us to Sushi Hana. We shared several rolls and all were delicious, this was really good sushi. We were glad to find a good sushi place because we haven't had sushi in a year, since we left Orlando.

We said goodbye to Kristin and then drove southeast towards Delmarva. After a tunnel, a bridge, a couple of $2 tolls, and about an hour and a half later we stopped at a Walmart in Delaware to buy groceries.

After that we drove south another hour to Crisfield MD where we parked at the dock at the end of 413 where we plan to take the ferry tomorrow afternoon. It was already 3 am by the time we got here. We were both so exhausted we couldn't see straight. Good night!

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