Monday, May 04, 2009

More fog

It was raining when we woke up today. We went to the Rockfish Gap Tourist Information Center at the entrance to the Skyline Drive. The fog was already heavy by the time we got there and the visitor center was closed, probably because of the weather.

We went back into town and tried the Waynesboro Office of Tourism in downtown Waynesboro VA. The person responsible for tourism is out of the country but we were lucky that Rick (who works in another department) was in. He was very helpful with information about the weather and tips about the town and the Skyline.

He recommended a local bookstore with wi-fi and called ahead to let them know we were coming. We headed to Stone Soup Books, just a few blocks away, where we were met with smiling faces and a friendly welcome.

The bookstore is located in an older two story home that has been nicely redone. They only use natural ingredients in their kitchen.

We were happy to try the black bean and corn wrap and we got the last of the vegetarian chili. Both were good and filling. We stayed until they closed at 6 pm.

It was still raining and with no other plans, we headed back to Books A Million. We went inside and spent the rest of the evening scanning magazines and browsing books.

When they closed, we went back to Bella to spend the night in their parking lot. We found that if we park around the side of the building, we can get free wi-fi.

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