Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Island time

We were so tired when we went to bed last night that we got up a little later than usual (yes, even for us). While we were having our coffee, Bernie looked at the list that Miriam and Aram gave her with the things they need done in the house.

When we were done, we rode our bikes to their house so that Bernie could get some materials and ask them some questions.

On the way back, we did a little exploring, found a store, and rode our bikes to the water's edge. We met the next door neighbor who was kind enough to give us her password so we can use her wi-fi.

Back at the house, Bernie got started on some of the smaller projects on the list, while Mar cleaned up the kitchen and started unpacking.

We worked the rest of the evening, stopped to have a sandwich for dinner, and went back to work until bedtime.

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