Saturday, May 23, 2009

Party with friends

The day was bright and hot today, the sun was out and so amazing. The tourists were everywhere here on the island today. It was quite interesting to hear their comments about the island and what they saw.

Today Bernie worked on some more projects on her list. She installed in the hall a light fixture, and hung a mirror and a coat rack.

It might have been the heat but Bernie decided to shave her head again. Mar was right in the middle of working on her online classes so Bernie decided to do it herself this time. Mar only had to help with the back a little.

Then we got ready to go to a party.

Miriam and Aram are moving off the island and some friends of theirs were having a going away party for them tonight. And we were invited :-)

The party started at 7 pm and we were wined and dined all night. There were tons of food, all vegan and all delicious. We ate too much! It was a fun evening with lots of laughs and great company.

At the end of the evening, we rode our bikes home.

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