Tuesday, May 19, 2009

To the island

After our first cup of coffee we started packing. We packed for hours. We packed all the groceries we bought yesterday. We packed everything we could think that we could possibly need for a week on a small island.

When everything was packed, we unloaded it all, plus our two bikes, onto the dock. Then Captain Terry told us where to go to park Bella. We drove around the block and parked. We opened the Damp Rid, closed all the windows, locked the doors, and paid the parking fee of $3 a night.

Once on the boat with all our belongings, we headed to Smith Island MD. The ride took 45 minutes and it was a bit chilly, so we sat inside most of the time.

As we approached the island we saw two people waving at us. Miriam and Aram had come to meet us and take us to their place. It was so close that we just rode our bikes there.

Miriam and Aram have bought a second house on the island to turn into an artist retreat. This is where we'll be staying and this is where Bernie will be working. The house was built in 1901 and there are tons of things for Bernie to fix and do here.

Once our stuff was in the house, we went with Miriam and Aram to their house. Aram took care of the happy hour drinks and Miriam cooked a wonderful dinner.

Lucky for us, they had some Smith Island Cake, which is the official state dessert and we got to try it. We liked it so much, they will be ordering us a cake to take with us.

After a great evening spent with our new friends, laughing and telling stories, we headed back to the house. We were totally exhausted by then, so after a quick shower we hit the sack and left the unpacking for tomorrow.

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SkippyMom said...

Smith Island is lovely, the people are so wonderful and the cake? Sublime. I hope you have a wonderful time on the lil' island.

I am jealous :)