Tuesday, May 05, 2009

More rain

It was not raining when we woke up today so we thought we might be able to get on the Skyline Drive. There was no sun, it was quite cloudy, and so we went back to the visitor center to check.

When we got there we were happy to see they were open today and the friendliest lady was there to help. She said today was not a good day for the Skyline because the weather was like “pea soup”. Then she gave us several suggestions of things to do in the area.

We couldn’t decide what to do. It’s so difficult when the weather interferes with your plans. We picked one of the suggestions and drove southeast for about 45 minutes to Schuyler, VA. We found the Walton Museum and parked for the night.

We were pleasantly surprised to find free wi-fi here so we watched some tv on our laptop while listening to the rain. Yes, it is raining again.

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