Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mothers Day

We were happy to find out, quite by accident, that the recital of the Luray Singing Tower was today. We just happened to be here when it started chiming its lovely 45 minute recital. The 177 feet tall tower was built in 1937 and it has a carillon of 47 bells. The largest bell weighs 7,640 pounds and the smallest weighs 12 pounds.

Then we walked over to the Luray Garden Maze. The maze takes about thirty minutes to do and it is $6 per person. As you giggle your way through you bump into dead ends with funny signs. Along the way there are other signs that trick you by telling you which way to go, and it always turns out to be the wrong way.

There is a mission for you to complete. There are the four stations you must find and each one has a stamp you stamp on your ticket. If you get all four you get a dollar discount in their gift shop. We didn’t use the discount but it was fun to find the four stations.

The maze is large and very well done, with flowering plants and plenty of greenery. Along the way there are benches, a large fountain, a cave, and a look out deck. This was a lot of fun.

After Luray we drove east about an hour to Warrenton VA for Mothers Day dinner at Mojitos and Tapas. These are two of Mar's favorite things so it was the perfect place to celebrate motherhood. According to their website Mojitos and Tapas is the only true authentic Cuban-Spanish restaurant in the whole state of Virginia.

We were happy to find it because the mojito and the food were absolutely delicious. The beef empanada and the tostones rellenos were wonderful. Here you can design your own bruschetta by selecting three ingredients. We wanted the manchego cheese but they were out.

We had the mojo bruschetta with feta cheese and avocado and lechon. The bruschetta was excellent. In fact the lechon was so good, we got a pound to go. For dessert we had the tres leches cake with café con leche. By then we were so stuffed we felt like we needed a wheelbarrow to carry us out.

Then we headed to Bernie's next job. We drove east another 45 minutes to the house of Yvonne and Grace in Manassas VA. We met with them and Bernie was able to talk to them about the work they want done. They are selling the house so it needs the usual fixing up before going on the market.

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